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100 Years Modesto 1870-1970
by Jeannette Gould Maino                                            Hardbound        40.00   Paperbound      30.00
A unique history told with narratives from various sources, including first hand memories of contributors.  Hundreds of photographs complement the text about early county history, business establishments, churches, schools, civic organizations, houses, and city structures.  Portraits and group photos bring back memories of prominent citizens. There are limited copies still available.
Modesto,  Belt Printing & Lithograph Co.,  1970.   173 pp.
100th Anniversary Modesto Irrigation Dist., Turlock Irrigation Dist.
by Alfred Menshew                                                                                        Paperbound         5.00

Annals of Stanislaus County by I. N. “Jack” Brotherton                               Hardbound        36.00
Scholarly researched, this is an exciting story of Stanislaus County’s three major rivers and the early ferry days.  It is a definitive history of the men and women who settled the region and made their livings transporting people, produce, and livestock across the Stanislaus, the San Joaquin, and the Tuolumne Rivers.  Illustrated with rare historical photographs and detailed maps.  Bibliographical sources and detailed Index are included.
Modesto, Press and Publications Board, 1982.  169 pp.

Beard Family Genealogy  by Ruth Beard McDowell                                                             28.00

James Briggs by H. Russell Briggs & Gregory C. Tesluk, MD   Paperbound  10.00

In a Goodly Land by John D. Nash and Mary M, Nash                                Hardbound         18.00

Clampers Merced Falls  by Jack Brotherton                                                Paperbound         5.00

Early Modesto and Nearby Towns by Colleen Stanley Bare                        Paperbound       25.00
A collection of columns about Modesto, Copperopolis, Farmington, Merced, and Turlock from 1870 to the present, all originally published in The Modesto Bee.  Each is really a non-fiction short story, recounting what happened to some of our early pioneers.  The challenges of forming new towns, establishing city and county governments, and coping with violenceare found in these stories, along with documentation of the customs, celebrations and parties, education, and transportation of the past.  Modesto,  Press and Publications Board,  2010. 193 pp.

A Diary for 1849   by Elihu Burritt Beard                                                       Paperbound       16.00

El Rancheria Del Rio Estanislaus: A History
by Margaret Gaylord Ruppel                                                                            Paperbound      10.00
In the Knights Ferry vicinity is the land grant of 48,886 known as El Rancheria Rio Estanislaus which was owned originally by the Castro and Rico families and then later sold to Abraham Schell and others. This became the site for Red Mountain Vineyard.  Ruppel has written a personable history of the people and the rancheria through the early 1940's.
Modesto, McHenry Museum press,  1993.   90 pp.

ECV (Clampers) Monuments and Plaques                                                   Paperbound      5.00

Frank Mancini Modesto’s Music Man
by Kathleen Gooch, Ken Williams                      Hardbound (includes Music CD)        25.00
Mancini came to America in 1907 as a professional musician with a classical background, and by the early 1920’s he settled in Modesto because it reminded him of his agricultural Italian homeland.  He and his wife lived on River Road until his death, where he did his gentleman farming.  But it was his inspiration and leadership of all of Modesto’s major bands that make him legendary.  This book details his family history, his journey to America, and his award winning career with Modesto Boys Band, Modesto High School Band, Modesto Junior College Band, and the Modesto Symphony.  Hundreds of local students and band members are found in the photographs and Index of this unique biography.
Modesto,  Press and Publications Board,  2007. 119 pp.

Ghost towns of the Mother Lode by Clare Dunn Moran                              Paperbound      20.00

Gold Fields to Grazing Fields by Franklin Beard                                         Hardbound        90.00
This is the third volume of a trilogy by the late author Franklin Beard of the Beard family, pioneers of Stanislaus County. It is filled with personal accounts from Beard's  taped interviews of La Grange, Snelling, Cooperstown, Warnersville and adjacent communities. There are numerous photos along with a name index. It contains histories of the communities.
La Grange, CA,  Southern Mines Press, 1988. 267 pp.


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