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Read All About It  by Ray Nish                                                         Paperbound                  20.00
A historical review of Stanislaus County newspapers which also gives a history of early California newspapers. Ray Nish, a newspaperman his entire life, was managing editor of The Modesto Bee for twenty-four years,retiring in 1985.  His crisp, informative, sometimes humorous style is fascinating reading.  Because our newspapers reflect political views, there is an ongoing account of the political leanings of our community.  Photographs are scattered throughout.  Index.  Modesto,  Press and Publications Board,  2004. 117 pp.

Rick and Marcie  series by Margaret Hinson Bell                             Paperbound                  3.50 each
The author has written a series of colorful and stimulating adventures of historical fiction for the third grade students of Stanislaus County. The purpose of these imaginative novelettes is to expose the young readers to the history of the area while holding their attention with an exciting story told through the voice of two young people, Marcie and Rick. Period pictures and illustrations throughout.
Modesto, McHenry Museum Press, 1995-98.Varies from 25 pp. to 60 pp.
Current titles in the series:
To Knights Ferry with Marcie and Rick
To Riverbank and Salida with Marcie and Rick
To Turlock with Marcie and Rick

John Service
Compiled by Fred Field Goodsell and other descendants from personal records of John Service
                                                                                                            Paperbound                 10.00
Service was an early Ceres pioneer, and there are many of the Service family still in our area.  This narrative tells of his trek to California and his experiences as a teamster and his later successes as a farmer, landowner, and agricultural businessman.  The entries from his diaries written in his down-to-earth vernacular are delightful reading, and his life is a broad history of our state and county.
Originally printed by Service family, 1945.
Reprint: Modesto,  McHenry Museum Press, 1999. 59 pp.

Site Seeing in Stanislaus: A Tour of Historic Sites in the County 
by Kathleen Gooch, Edited by Ken Williams                                        Paperbound                 10.00
A comprehensive touring book of twelve county tours in the cities of Ceres, Modesto, Knights Ferry, La Grange, Newman, Oakdale, and Turlock, featuring primarily historical structures. Each site has a paragraph of information and is pinpointed on tour maps. It has colored illustrations of the most significant sites. Modesto, Press and Publications Board, 2003.  58 pp.

Stanislaus County History: An Anthology
Compiled and Edited by Bob Santos and Lisa Bruk                                Paperbound              27.50
A collection of articles that appeared in the periodical Stanislaus Stepping Stones, 1976-1986. Chapters are topical and feature Indians, settlements, people, schools, government, agriculture and other regional subjects.  Index, bibliography.
Modesto, Press and Publications Board,  2004.  273 pp.

Stepping Stones Binder                                                                                                      23.50

Stories of Stanislaus by Sol P. Elias                         Hardbound replica of original               23.00
Written by a former mayor of Modesto, this is a detailed history of early Stanislaus County from the beginning until World War I.  Half the text is on struggles of irrigation. Other topics are Indians, various settlements, vigilantes, agricultural products, and anecdotes about Modesto.
Modesto, 1924.
Reprinted: Modesto, Press and Publications Board, 2003. 344 pp.

The Stanislaus Indian Wars
by Thorne Gray                                                                                            Paperbound     24.95
Journalist Thorne Gray tells the story of the obliteration of a tribe of California native peoples, the Laquisimas, a subgroup of the Northern Yokuts, who lived along the Stanislaus River near present-day Modesto. The story begins in 1806 when the Spanish first reached the Stanislaus River and ends in 1933 when the last Laquisima, Charley Gomez, dies at Knights Ferry. It is a chronicle based on the lives of three important tribal chiefs: Estanislao, Yoscolo, and Jose Jesus. The author draws from letters, manuscripts, government documents, and published materials to write this well researched history. Keenly written, this account will stir the reader's emotions as it recounts the tragic plight of the Laquisimas.
Modesto,  McHenry Museum Press, 1993. 274 pp.

Valley Gold by Jeannette Gould Maino                                              Paperbound                  4.00
Your Waterford and Mine
by Haswell T. Leask, Franklin Beard                                           Paperbound              13.95
This history of Waterford also touches that of nearby towns in our county. The chapters are entitled Geology, First People, Mining, Pioneer Life, Pioneer Stories, and Progress. Factual and well-written local history with occasional photos.
Southern Mines Press, 1981 Reprint: Modesto, Press and Publications Board, 2001, 94 pp.

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