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Graining the Mare  contemporary cowboy poetry by Arlene Silva Mattox                            5.00

The Greening of ParadiseValley
The First 100 Years of Modesto Irrigation District
by Dwight H. Barnes                                                                               Hardbound                39.00

History of Stanislaus County with illustrations 1881, Descriptive
of lts Scenery, Farms, Residences, Public Buildings
by L. C. Branch                                                                                        Hardbound             125.00

A classic 19th century history of Stanislaus County. It is a balance of text and lithographic illustrations in a large format. It covers topics like early Spanish and Mexican history of the county area; early county history; mining; agriculture; weather; county seat; natural resources; pioneering; and biographies of prominent residents with illustrations of their homes and farms. Index of names.
San Francisco, Elliot & Moore Publishers, 1881;  254 pp. 15 x 12 1/2
Modesto, Press and Publications, 2012, repro.of the original cover and contents

Hughson California by Margaret M. Sturtevant                                   Paperbound                    8.00

Land, Water and Power, History of TID by Alan M. Paterson           Hardbound                   36.00

Leaf by Leaf  poems by Linda Gordon Sawyer                                  Paperbound                     9.00

Modesto A B. J. Osborn History by B.J. Osborn                             Paperbound                     9.00

Modesto Fire Department History, 2012                                         Hardbound                    93.00

Modesto Map birds eye view of city 1888, reprint on 100th anniversary of Modesto, Belt Printing, 1970.See framed copy in store.                                                                                                                             15.00

Modesto on My Mind: Columns from the Modesto Bee
by Dave Cummerow                                                   Hardbound        24.95     Paperbound      12.95
This is a collection of Modesto Bee columns written by journalist Dave Cummerow from 1977 through 1994. The cleverly written pieces cover all aspects of community living in Modesto and its environs including politics and personalities. His comical "Wink Van Ripple" columns feature an awakening old timer who tries to come to grips with the 20 years of Modesto city progress. Throughout, Cummerow's satire entertains and informs the reader with fascinating bits of Modesto contemporary history.
Modesto,  McHenry Museum Press, 1995. 160 pp.

The Modesto Story   by Colleen Stanley Bare                                     Paperbound                  6.00
 A brief pictorial presentation of the history of Modesto from the picture files of the museum. There is a concise informative history with photos throughout.
Modesto, McHenry Museum Press, 1998.  16pp.

Modesto: Then and Now by Colleen Stanley Bare     Hardbound       30.00   Paperbound      17.00
This book is our best selling authentic history of Modesto, 130 years of Modesto history (through the 1990s) in a chronological narrative from a wide variety of written sources.  Each chapter covers one to two decades of history and brings to life citizens, businesses, clubs, government, building developments, social events, and institutions which were essential components of  Modesto history.  Photographs throughout.  The appendix has several lists of facts about the city and there is an index.
Modesto, McHenry Museum Press, 1999.  175 pp.

Pilgrims of the Pacific by Charles Hopper                                          Hardbound                  125.00

Pioneer Genius   by Colleen Stanley Bare                                            Paperbound                  20.00
This is the story of Charles Henry Huffman. As a teamster during the California gold rush, he freighted supplies to the miners in the Mother Lode.  He later became known as the “Wheat King” of the Central Valley, the founder of Merced, and the instigator and builder of the world-famous Merced irrigation system.  His influence was felt throughout the Valley.  This book describes his successful life which was filled with adventure and drama, mingled with tragedy and sorrow, a true story which reads like a novel.
Merced, Merced County Historical Society, 2003. 85 pp.

Places, Paths and Passes   By Jeannette Gould Maino                                                             6.00

Quest for Deep Gold, Story of LaGrange  by Thorne B. Gray                                               9.00


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