March 10 - April 23, 2001

From lyrical, nineteenth-century images extolling the state's pristine natural beauty, through haunting scenes of damage inflicted by careless overuse, to photographs pointing toward environmental renewal, the exhibition charts the ups and downs and ups in California's environment over the past 150 years.

The following free public programming has been developed to accompany this exhibit:

Saturday, March 10th

1:00 P.M. ---Auditorium

Reception to follow: Main Floor

Chautauclua Presentation: Doris Dwyer portrays Rachel Carson, one of the first authors to alert us to environmental issues. Remember Doris who portrayed Margaret Breen of the Donner Party? She was terrific! You won't want to miss this performance.

Saturday, March 24

1:00 P.M.----Auditorium

Reception to follow: Main floor

Traveling Environmental Film Festival: This afternoon will feature two films of particular interest to those of us living in the San Joaquin Valley: "Partners on the Land" is about the natural process restoration at the Cosumnes river Preserve. "Treasures of the Greenbelt" tells of the importance of farms, ranches, parks and other open space to quality of life.

Guest speaker: Gene Rose, Retired Environmental Reporter, McClatchy Newspapers

Saturday, April 21

1:00 P.M.---Auditorium

Reception to follow: Main floor

Panel Presentation and Discussion: A panel of 3 exhibition scholars will discuss the history of the San Joaquin Valley, its successes and failures, and efforts being made to maintain and/or restore the environment for the future. A question and answer period will follow that will allow the audience to address their own concerns and solutions.

If you need further information, please call:
Sande Nerland, Education Coordinator
McHenry Museum: 491-4317

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