Current Museum Exhibit

June 10, 2015



“Perhaps it’s scary to relive the moment when we discovered hard-to-face truths, or maybe just looking back is
always cause for discomfort, but I think we should see this time as something else, something more magical. My goal, as curator
is to capture this idea through showcasing a collection of ephemera, to dedicate and honor what we, meaning humanity
as a whole, became at middle school. So go ahead, take a walk down this memory lane
of who we were when we lost ourselves.”

Hannah Hightman curated this display. Hannah is a freshman in high school
and is interested in curatorial/museum studies. If you find this display interesting you might also enjoy her
online museum at:

McHenry Museum
1402 I Street
Modesto CA 95354
Tuesday - Sunday: Noon to 4:00 p.m.
Admission is free


















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